About Me

I love capturing natural moments. Sometimes, I even like to think I capture a moment you didn't know was there, or, you may have missed, because you were just enjoying the moment.


My fondest childhood memories (the pool in the backyard, the dog I grew up with, my neighborhood friends and the local woods, our vacations, family get-togethers, what my parents were like at my age and before I was born, etc.) all were etched into my memory by a photograph.  Thank God for photographs, right?

Nowadays, it’s not an old, falling apart photo album that surfaces occasionally. Digital photos are everywhere; the home page of your phone, your Instagram, Facebook, Fligram or Flickr accounts, digital frames, mirrored onto your TV screen. It’s easier than ever to see and share all of your important photos.


I see regular events as a chance to take photos. It does not matter the occasion. Actually, the thrill of the challenge to capture a few stunning pics from literally any situation is an ever-present living, growing being inside of me. So, from historical preservation or musical performances, Frisbee Dog competitions, to families, pets, travel, nature, portraits, ad campaigns, you name it, I am up for it.


When I’m not photographing, I’m the Chief Operating Officer of a lovely, local CPA firm. I’m a mother to an awesome four year old son, Gavin, and wife to my love and soccer fanatic (Benfica) Miguel. I’m a writer, a crafter of things, a lover of nature, animals and adventure, still trying to live the most fulfilling moments that I can. Photography, meeting people, having real, deep conversations that matter, being around passionate and positive people is my jam. That’s corny, but it’s just how it is. If I can capture something for you please let me know.